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Please complete all of the following sections. Make sure to leave specific comments regarding what needs to be revised if revision is necessary. If the paper is being rejected please specify what is wrong with the paper and what needs to be corrected to make it publishable.

Do not return a copy of the paper. Do not use track changes. All items must be filled in before the form can be submitted. You may copy and paste into fields.

AABRI is a COPE member. Reviewers are expected to read and comply with the
Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers
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Date Reviewed
Submission Summary: (Briefly summarize the paperís content)
Is the submission compliant with AABRI submission requirements?
If not, discuss which areas are noncompliant
Comments on Contribution: (Does the paper present new ideas or unexpected results? Do readers learn something new?)
Comments on Writing Quality: Is the paper well written and easy to read (e.g. well structured, correct and clear language)?
Research contribution rating
 Major Contribution 
 Reasonable Contribution 
 Marginal Contribution 
 No Contribution 
Submission Quality Rating:
 Exceptional, ready to publish 
 Adequate for publication with revision 
 Marginal, needs significant work 
 Poor paper, needs complete rewriting as specified 
Basis in Published Research: How well is the paper integrated with current research? How current, credible and sufficient are the references (academic journals, popular press, unedited web, etc.)?
Overall evaluation rating: On a 10 = best , 1 = worst scale, rate this paper?

Recommendation for publication
 Accept as is 
 Revise and resubmit after making changes indicated 
 Reject. See reasons below 
Required changes / improvements needed for publication acceptance (if any) or specific reasons for rejection. If more space is necessary please email recommended changes to editorial.staff@aabri.com
Email any accompaning documents (if needed) to editorial.staff@aabri.com.

Please click the submit button when the form is completed. Thank you for reviewing this manuscript.
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