AABRI Conferences -
Conference Refunds and Transfers


If conference fees are paid prior to acceptance and the conference registration is not accepted, any conference fees paid will be promptly refunded to the payer's PayPal account.

If conference fees are paid by check, checks will not be cashed unless and until the conference registration is accepted and confirmed. If the conference registration is not accepted the check will be destroyed and the sender notified.

If a refund is requested by a confirmed registrant prior to the registration deadline for the conference at which the individual originally registered, the refund request will be honored at 75% of the conference fees paid. See the individual conference websites for the registration deadline.

No refunds will be issued after the end of regular registration for any conference.

If you are an international conference participant secure any necessary visas prior to registering for the conference. Refunds will not be issued if you are unable to secure a visa other than as indicated herein.


In the event of a cancelation after the end of regular registration, conference fees may be credited towards a future scheduled AABRI conference for a $25 transfer charge plus/minus any difference in conference fees. The transfer charge is not refundable. Conference fees transferred to a subsequent conference are not refundable.

Submit the transfer fee using the following PayPal link. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. PayPal will email you a receipt shortly after payment.

If you are unable to submit via credit card you may mail a check to:
         Academic and Business Research Institute
         P.O. Box 350997
         Jacksonville, Florida 32235-0997, USA

After submitting the transfer fee complete the form below.
Conference Fee Transfer Form

Last Name *
First Name *
University / Employer *
Email *
Current Conference Confirmation Number *
Conference you want to transfer into *
Transfer fee PayPal receipt or check number *
Manuscript title (enter "not presenting" if attending only) *

Conference fee transfer form and fee are required for every conference transfer.
Academic and Business Research Institute
P.O. Box 2235, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32004, USA
Phone - (904)435-4330
Dr. Russell Baker, AABRI Executive Director