Journal of Legal Issues and Cases in Business
This journal is retired and no longer accepting manuscripts for publication.
ISSN Online: 1949-999X, Print: 2327-5332
Volume 3 - January, 2015:   (order printed edition)
Police officer fitness, diet, lifestyle and its relationship to duty performance and injury, James E. Guffey, National University; James G. Larson, National University; James Lasley, California State University, Fullerton.

Statistical analysis of religious discrimination complaints through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Douglas Goodwin, Anderson University; Evie Chenhall, Anderson University; Jerry Bilbrey, Jr., Clemson University.

An overview of the enforceability of gambling debt, Denis Rudd, Robert Morris University; Louis B. Swartz, Robert Morris University; David A. Lovejoy, Robert Morris University.

Gender inequality: empowering women, Cheryl Lynn Kelsey, Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

What are gun free zones and are they safe?, Leslie E. Lenn, St. Edwards University.

The impact of child support laws on the measured outcomes of children, Saundra T. McFarland, Jackson State University; Nicholas Hill, Jackson State University.

Howie’s Café Caper: A case study in employee embezzlement and forensic accounting, Shondra Johnson, Bradley University; Gail Petravick, Bradley University; Simon Petravick, Bradley University.

Volume 2 - May, 2013:   (order printed edition)
Soften the blow by providing tax-free fringe benefits to terminated employees, Kent N. Schneider, East Tennessee State University.

Tax and managerial implications of employer travel reimbursement policies, Tanya M. Marcum, Bradley University; Sandra J. Perry, Bradley University; Jennifer Robin, Bradley University.

LLC material participation policy shift: new regulations focus on management rights, Lucia Nasuti Smeal, Georgia State University; Tad D. Ransopher, Georgia State University.

Internal control and human resource management: Closing the loop, James Schaefer, University of Evansville; Rania Mousa, University of Evansville.

Inconsistent depreciation and double-taxation: the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System property tax, Roger Marks, Roger Marks & Associates.

Listeria, David Lovejoy, Robert Morris University; Denis P. Rudd, Robert Morris University; Louis Swartz, Robert Morris University.

A Hostile Sexual Harassment: A Legal Update, Henry Findley, Troy University; Lee Vardaman, Troy University; Ping He, Troy University.

Sarbanes- Oxley Act 2002 (SOX) - 10 years later, Leslie E. Lenn, St. Edwards University.

A method to determine financial loss of use in a real estate setting, Thomas W. Secrest, Coastal Carolina University.

Death of the death penalty? An examination of California’s capital punishment system, Bryan S. Hance, National University; Kenneth D. Kay, National University; James Larson, National University; Victor Lewis, National University.

The legal ramifications of classifying employment: employee v. independent contractor, Ronald R. Rubenfield, Robert Morris University.

Volume 1 - April, 2012:   (order printed edition)
Business economy profiles of financial difficulties in local Italian corporations: from default to financial renewal, Ubaldo Comite, University of Calabria, Italy.

Divorce - more of a tax issue today than ever before?, Randy Serrett, University of Houston; Steven Thompson, Texas State University.

Discrimination and the aging American workforce: legal analysis and management strategies, Frank Cavico, Nova Southeastern University; Bahaudin Mujtaba, Nova Southeastern University.

Leveraging the annual gift tax exclusion in legacy planning, Murray Anthony, East Tennessee State University; Michael McKinney, East Tennessee State University.

Specialty license plate messages: government speech, private speech, or mixed speech?, Lydia Zinkhan, University of Houston; Kristy McManus, University of Georgia; George Zinkhan, University of Georgia.

Corporate governance response to an indication of possible fraud within the organization, Albert Spalding, Jr., Wayne State niversity.

Recognizing and responding to red flags: The Stanford Ponzi scheme, Antonie Warwick-Young Walsh, Wayne State University; Albert D. Spalding, Jr., Wayne State University.

A dismal failure in regulating predatory lending practices, Wayne Koprowski, Dominican University; Khalid A. Razaki, Dominican University.

Joint representation of multiple parties in tax proceedings, Tad D. Ransopher, Georgia State University.

Breach of the peace guidelines for vehicle self-help repossessions, Donald W. Garland, New Mexico State University.

Cloud computing: legal and privacy issues, Johndavid Kerr, Harris-Stowe State University; Kwok Teng, University of West Alabama.

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