Academic and Business Research Institute International Conference - Nashville 2011

March 24 - 26, 2011

Conference Proceedings.

Conference proceedings listed by registration number:
(Note, only conference-participating authors are listed in the conference proceedings)

NC11001 - Sams, Doreen, Georgia College & State University, Cultures influence on managements' best practies strategy adopotion: Study across NAFTA region

NC11002 - Ballantyne, Scott, Alvernia Universiy, Implementing Planning in Reverse in Strategic Leadership Courses in Business Administration, Education Administration and Public Administration: The Need for a Viable Approach to the Strategic Planning Process

NC11003 - Castelli, Patty, Lawrence Tech University, Reflective Learning in Practice: Transforming Experiences in a Graduate Global Leadership Curriculum

NC11004 - Coleman, Phillip, Western Kentucky University, The Ease of Use of Technology through Social Networking Media: An Application of the Technology Acceptance Model

NC11005 - PON, KEVIN, ESC SAINT ETIENNE FRANCE, Alliances and Networks: Business schools answwer to mergers and aquisitions

NC11006 - Green, Robert, Lynn University, Brand equity differences between consumer income groups: The role of marketing strategy

NC11007 - Almerico, Gina, The University of Tampa, Pre-Service Teacher Disposition Assessment at Work

NC11008 - Vehorn, Charles, Radford University, Can the IMF Save the World from Global Depression?

NC11009 - Hynes, Geraldine, Sam Houston State University, Feminine Leadership in Commercial Aviation: Success Stories of Women Pilots and Captains

NC11010 - Furutan, Omid, University of La Verne, The role of the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the recent financial crises

NC11011 - Salazar, Dora, Texas Tech University, An Investigation of the Project TEACH On-line Learning Community for In-Service Teachers Seeking ESL Supplemental Certification


NC11013 - Faitar, Gheorghita Mihaela , D'Youville College, The influence of ability tracking on the performances of minority learners in the American school system


NC11015 - Gentry, Ruben, Jackson State University, Economies and Effectiveness in Educating Personnel for Individuals with Disabilities

NC11016 - Payne, Marja-Liisa, Maryville University, Strategic competencies of HR managers and impact of rater's gender on evaluations

NC11017 - Balalock, Gale, Evansville University, No Paper Submitted

NC11018 - Caron, Paul, University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn College, After Thirty Years of Teaching You Want Me to Change? Transforming the Traditional Classroom to an Online Setting

NC11019 - Schunk, Dale, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, A View of Professional Learning Communities through Three Frames

NC11020 - Spalding, Albert, Wayne State University, Recognizing and Responding to Red Flags: The Stanford Ponzi Scheme

NC11021 - Papp, Raymond, The University of Tampa, Virtual content delivery to enhance student learning

NC11022 - Bexley, James, Sam Houston State University, The Globalization of Commercial Banking

NC11023 - Bexley, James, Sam Houston State University, Merchant's Bank (In Organization):a case study

NC11024 - Seay, Sharon, Macon State College, An Analysis of the Proposed New Accounting Model for Leases

NC11025 - Hernandez, Rodrigo, Radford University, Contingent claim valuation – The case of Phonix Certificates

NC11026 - Mullins, Terry, University of North Carolina Greensboro, Economic Development: The Role of Public Intellectuals in Shaping Public Policy Debates

NC11027 - Malalasekera, Anoma, Empowering Students Through Peer Assessments

NC11028 - Renner, Jasmine, A Case Study of Community College Students’ Perceptions Regarding Faculty’s Practice of Online Course Delivery: Virginia Community College

NC11029 - Elahi, Malek, University of the East - Manila, Funds Gap Management An Asset-Liability Management Technique in Banks

NC11031 - Jourdan, Zack, Auburn University Montgomery, Trust in E-Business: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of the Literature

NC11032 - La Pira, Frank, ESC Saint Etienne, The Schumpeterian Entrepreneur: A model of economic transition

NC11033 - Meador, Joseph, Northeastern University, An Investigation into Firm Performance and Characteristics of Corporate Governance—the Case of India

NC11034 - Edwards, Peter, Shenandoah University, Technical and Career Education in Australia and the USA: Learning from Each Other

NC11035 - Dickinson, Barry, Holy Family University, The Role of Authenticity in Relationship Marketing

NC11036 - Tackney, Charles, Copenhagen Business School, Assessing Knowledge in Dialogue:Synopsis-based Oral Examinations at a Danish Business School

NC11037 - Krause, James, Ringling College of Art and Design, How Financial Statement Analysis Can Be Biased Through the Order Effects of Belief Updating

NC11038 - Thompson, Mary, Belmont University, No paper submitted

NC11039 - Faulk, Greg, Belmont University, The Relation of Prerecorded Music Media Format, Consumer Recreational Spending Patterns and the U. S. Recording Industry Piracy Claims: 1972-2009

NC11040 - Machado, Cristiano, SEBRAE/PR, Profile of the degree of innovation of micro and small enterprises in the state of Parana - Brazil PowerPoint

NC11041 - Mensah, Edward, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, A Tobit Estimation of the Intensity of Export Success of Horticultural Enterprises in Ghana

NC11042 - Good, Don", East Tennessee State University, Goals and Objectives of Successful Adult Degree-Completion Students

NC11044 - Tjeerdsma, Carol, Attending only, not presenting

NC11045 - Ramaswamy , Vinta, University of St. Thomas, Earnings Growth and Revenue Expansion as Determinants of CEO Compensation

NC11046 - Teasley , Wynn, University of West Florida, Practicing What We Preach: How Leadership Skills Can Change the Quality of a College Education

NC11047 - Bradley, Leo, Xavier University, Attending only, not presenting

NC11048 - Medin, Bobby, University of Arkansas Ft. Smith, Bella's: A Case Study in Organizational Behavior

NC11049 - Hunt, George, Stephen F. Austin State University, User perceptions of fair value reporting of investments in fund financial statements of governments

NC11050 - English, Donald, Texas A & M University-Commerce, Workplace Qualities: Views of College of Business Undergraduate and Graduate Students

NC11051 - Gandey, Mark, Bishop's University, Looking at Triple Bottom Line" reporting within a small University"

NC11052 - Thornton, Barry, Jacksonville University,An examination of the relationship between student performance on the business game simulation and the ets business major field exam

NC11053 - Tallapally, Pavani, Slippery Rock University, Accounting Data Definitions -- XBRL Versus Compustat

NC11054 - Sneed, John, Jacksonville State University, Should State and Local Governments Adopt Provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act PowerPoint

NC11055 - Odhiambo, Eucabeth, Shippensburg University; Durham, Gwendolyn, Shippenburg University, Assessing minority student enrollment and retention at a predominantly white university

NC11058 - Sneed, Cynthia, Jacksonville State University, Sarbanes-Oxley and Intergenerational Equity: Adopting SOX Risk Assessments to Ensure Intergenerational Equity PowerPoint

NC11059 - Borgese, Anthony, City University of New York-Kingsborough Community College, Virtual Enterprise: Transforming Entrepreneurship Education

NC11060 - Prymon, Marek, University of Economics,Wroclaw, The Role of Diversification Strategies in Global Companies - Research Results

NC11061 - Kose, Huseyin, Anadolu University, Special event management and event marketing: A case study of TKBL All Star 2011 in Turkey

NC11062 - Argan, Metin, Anadolu University, Word-of-Mouth (WOM): Voters Originated Communications on Candidates during Local Elections

NC11063 - Baker, Jay Keith, North Lake College, Private Mortgage Insurance - Essential Link in the Financial Services Institution Audit Chain

NC11064 - Watters, Michael, Henderson State University, Student perceptions of cheating in online business courses

NC11065 - Watters, Michael, Henderson State University, Efficacy of online tools in hybrid accounting courses

NC11066 - Vinlove, Kathleen, Park University, A Model for Continuous Training and Mentoring of Adjunct Business Faculty

NC11067 - Woods, Janet, Macon State College, The Economic Impact of FASB’s Proposed New Lease Accounting Standard

NC11068 - Odhiambo, Eucabeth, Shippensburg University; Durham, Gwendolyn, Shippenburg University Assessing minority student enrollment and retention at a predominantly white university

NC11069 - Dick, Geoffrey, North Georgia College and State University, Gwendolyn, Shippenburg University Social Networking and Small Business: An Exploratory Study

NC11070 - Furman, David, Clayton State University Advantages of Business Codes of Conduct

NC11071 - Richardson, Keith, Bellarmine University Pelabur's Pizza Wants to Determine Its Optimal Capital Structure

NC11072 - Faulk, Larry, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith The Relationship Between Optimism and Engagement: The Impact on Student Performance

NC11074 - Lane, Michelle, Western Kentucky University The interaction between multinational and domestic firm entry in emerging markets

NC11075 - Kuruvilla, Mohan, Houston Baptist University Developing a graduate business curriculum in response to a global economy

NC11076 - Stowe, Chuck, Lander University A Strategy Under Development for Managing Innovation into the Business Curriculum"an Economic

NC11077 - Lahm, Robert, Western Kentucky University, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Market Stresses Continue in an Economic Recession

NC11078 - Venable, William, Oklahoma State University, Intercultural management through the practice of cultural empathy

NC11079 - Geho, Patrick, Middle Tennessee State University, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Market Stresses Continue in an Economic Recession

NC11080 - Plummer, Jerry, Austin Peay State University, Possible Sovereign Debt Hedging with U.S. Agricultural or Oil and Gas Field Purchases

NC11081 - Covington, Anna, University of West Florida, Practicing What We Preach: How Leadership Skills Can Change the Quality of a College Education

NC11082 - Guney, Ayhan, Yalova University, Divergent classification of economic integration (A case of Azerbaijan and Turkey relations)

NC11083 - Goodrich, Peter Spang, Providence College, Yalova University, Social network analysis of the music industry: from barrel organ To Youtube

NC11084 - Lucy-Bouler, Thomas, Auburn University Montgomery, Programming the Semantic Web

NC11085 - Binh, Tu Van, CFVG – European Excellence in Management Education, Brand Extensions Establishing: Evaluation of Consumers In Vietnam

NC11086 - Arburn,, Gregory, The University of Findlay, Economic Outlook: Improving Managerial Economics Student Success

NC11087 - Ekundayo, John, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia, The Heart of a Servant Leader within the West Africa context: Interactive Session with Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, Lagos State, Nigeria

NC11088 - Fenner, Grant, Arkansas State University, An empirical examination of time management’s moderating influence on job performance. PowerPoint.

NC11089 - Yallapragada, Grant, Arkansas State University, Small Business Entreprenerships in the United States


NC11091 - Dhumal, Parag, University of Wisconsin-Parks, Simple Solution to Logistics Problems for Microbusiness— A Case Study at Recycling R US

NC11092 - Davis, Brian, Weber State University A Betrayal of Trust: The Ellen Cooke Embezzlement Case