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Teaching notes, if included, are published with the case manuscript. If you do not want open access to teaching notes please do not include them with your submission. You may include a footnote with an email address where interested faculty can contact you to request the teaching notes if desired. This journal is double-blind peer reviewed with an acceptance rate of less than 35%.
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Volume 26:

Developing IT governance at the Virginia Department of Transportation; Bernie Farkas, The University of Tampa; Raymond Papp, The University of Tampa.

Sponsorship marketing of the 2018 FIFA World Cup; Curt L. Hamakawa, Western New England University; Elizabeth L. R. Elam, Western New England University.

What happened to the pension liability of Connecticut State?; Youngbin Kim, Western Connecticut State University; Jaeseong Lim, Hartwick College.

Using source documents to enhance a cumulative tax case study: W-2 example ; Garo Kalfayan, California State University, Fresno; Susan A. Henderson, California State University, Fresno.

Chicago Continental Can Company; Henry Migliore, University Center Tulsa / Northeastern State University; Martin Bressler, Southeastern Oklahoma University.

Exploring corporate strategy and performance reports; Kimberly M. Green, University of West Georgia.

Small Businesses and Big Trouble with Copyright Violations; Jillian R. Yarbrough, West Texas A&M University; Robin E. Clark, West Texas A&M University.

The Strange Case of Dr. Samson: An Analysis of Interpersonal Conflict and Managing Change in a Service Organization; Anthony J. Mento, Loyola University Maryland; Joseph Farrell, Loyola University Maryland; Lynne Elkes, Loyola University Maryland; Elzbieta Jozwiak, Loyola University Maryland; Swati Patel, Loyola University Maryland.

Budgeting now but saving for later: Preparing students for the employment market; Mitchell Franklin, Le Moyne College; Michaele Morrow, Merrimack College.

Activity Based Costing and its Effectiveness to Management Resource Allocation in a Service Organization; Enoch Osei, Bowie State University.

Travel Time Prediction in Ride-Sourcing Networks: A Case Study for Machine Learning Applications; Sina Shokoohyar, Saint Joseph’s University; Ahmad Sobhani, Oakland University; Rashmi Malhotra, Saint Joseph’s University; Weimin Liang, Saint Joseph’s University.

Sustainable Tulsa: How sustainable is the sustainability business?; Timothy A. Hart, The University of Tulsa.

Volume 25 - December 2019:

Do you know the values that motivate you?: An experiential learning activity; Daniel D. Butler, Auburn University; Shelley A. Davis, Troy University.

Do too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth?; Dustin E. Rasmuson, Idaho State University; Robert W. Lion, Idaho State University.

Green Funeral: Case and Teaching Notes; William Foxx, Troy University; David Hoover, Troy University; William Hamby, Troy University; Rodger Morrison, Troy University.

A critique of onboarding and socializing employees; Stacy Wassell, Frostburg State University.

The Brownie Baker: new directions for a healthy future; Lisa M. Spencer, California State University.

Ethical acquisition of digital customer data; David J. DiRusso; Millersville University; Ankur Nandedkar, Millersville University.

Romeo & Juliet’s: A case of employee embezzlement ; David Glodstein, SUNY College at Old Westbury; Wendy C. Estabrook, SUNY College at Old Westbury; Stephanie Williams, SUNY College at Old Westbury.

Hamilton: An economics case study in three acts; Michael Vaughan, Weber State University; Diana Meiser, Weber State University.

Employee reactions to lottery-based incentives at United Airlines; Kelly Mollica, University of Memphis.

Newtown University: an instructional case in strategic management accounting; Brian Miller. Lancaster University.

Avoiding the 21 percent tax after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; Darlene Pulliam, West Texas A&M University; Karyn Bybee Friske, West Texas A&M University; Rex Pjesky, West Texas A&M University.

Product Costing and Pricing: Belknap-Catlin LLC Part II; ; Mark McCoon, University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Volume 24 - November 2019:

Auditing the related party transactions of a client firm: an applied case; Nana Y. Amoah, Rollins College; Bilal Makkawi, Morgan State University; Susan Muzorewa, Delaware State University.

A questionable expenditure is made. What should be done?; George H. G. Hall, Jacksonville University; Richard Murphy, Jacksonville University.

International Auditing Considerations at Carrefour S.A.; Timothy Seidel, Brigham Young University; Bill Tayler, Brigham Young University.

E.S. Patanwala Afghan Beauty Products, Mumbai, India; Fernando A. Pargas, James Madison University; Robert G. Eliason, James Madison University; Michael D. Yankey, James Madison University.

Wall Street magnates: Introducing accounting students to the stock market; Jillian Alderman, Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business.

The Nerd and the Beauty Queen- A Case of Academic Dishonesty, Sexual Bullying and Cultural Priorities; Alan R. Hamlin, Southern Utah University.

The direction of technological innovation: 3DWooW case study; Graziela Fusaro, Long Island University; Arlene Peltola, Long Island University.

Calculating distance between zip codes: A database case study in consuming web services; Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Oakland University.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the individual taxpayer; Joanna L. Garcia, John Carroll University; Tripp Petzel, John Carroll University.

Integrated case for visual analytics and statistical analysis using pension plan data; Kevin Pan, Samford University; Alan Blankley, Samford University; C. Clifton Eason, Samford University.

Netflix the battle for your free time: Strategy guided by customer lifetime value; Mark R. Young, Winona State University.

Goose Pond Marina; Martin S. Bressler, Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Volume 23 - July 2019:

Air Land Transport, Inc.: Using CVP analysis when considering expansion into new markets; George R. Wilson, Valdosta State University.

KFC’s sustainable competitive advantage in the international franchising; Kofi A. Bediako, University of the Incarnate Word.

Killer Robots! Public and private sector responsibilities in addressing ethical implications of technological innovation; A.J. Guerber, West Texas A&M University; T’Reya Espinoza, West Texas A&M University; Jason Clark, West Texas A&M University.

The case of Grizzly Sports Highlighted, Inc.: analyzing accounting data using Excel; Taewoo Park, Georgia Gwinnett College; Yvonne Ellis, Georgia Gwinnett College.

Process control gone awry? The curious case of Centrella® toothpicks; Sudipta Roy, University of St. Francis; Carol Lindee, University of St. Francis.

CTD Direct; Anthony J. Mento, Loyola University Maryland; Elizabeth H. Jones, Notre Dame of Maryland University; Lynne Elkes, Loyola University Maryland; Becky Neuwiller, Loyola University Maryland.

Religious organizations and fraud: the case of the rogue employee; Mary E Clay, Worcester State University; Beverley J Alleyne, Belmont University; Raymond J Elson, Valdosta State University.

Teaching bank profit decomposition using real-world data; Ronald W. Best, University of West Georgia.

Beautiful Homes Inc.: A Microsoft Excel case for a business computing applications course; Gregory G. Kaufinger, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

The Evolving Global Enterprise: Preparing Future Accountants Using Analytics and Systems Integration; Joseph M. Ragan, Saint Joseph’s University; Giovanni P. Sparacio, Saint Joseph’s University; Conlan P. McAndrew, Saint Joseph’s University; Anthony J. Filiciello, Saint Joseph’s University.

East Alaska and West Alaska gold companies: the financial statement impact of accounting choices; Michael J. Meyer, University of Notre Dame.

Santa Claus comes to higher ed: balancing the costs and benefits of gift authorship; C. W. Von Bergen, Southeastern Oklahoma State University; Martin S. Bressler, Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Volume 22 - October 2018:

Postum’s Fork in the Road; Arlene Peltola, Long Island University; Graziela Fusaro, Long Island University.

Community Financial Services Bank’s impact on the community through succession planning; Jaime Staengel, University of Rochester; Hannah Sparkman, Fidelity Investments; Kayle Armstrong, Community Financial Services Bank; Chris Castleberry, Murray State University; Paxton James, Murray State University; Jessica Dunn, Murray State University.

Kickapoo Coffee Roasters–sustaining entrepreneurial success; Douglas Schreder, National Louis University.

Empowering and directive leadership styles; Daniel Dorta-Afonso, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; María Cantero-García, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

A case study to introduce Microsoft Data Mining in the database course; Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Oakland University.

Who’s in charge of the Takata airbag safety recall?; Kimberley Kinsley, University of Mary Washington.

NUTELLA® and the use of palm oil: A case study; Raymond J Elson, Valdosta State University; Zulal Denaux, Valdosta State University.

Valuing Domino’s Pizza and Investment Decision Making – A Case Study; Hailu Regassa, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Hsin-hui Whited, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Christopher Irwin, Colorado State University – Pueblo.

The 10-K scavenger hunt: Connecting management accounting with the annual report; Margaret N. Boldt, Southeastern Louisiana University; Julie C. Stovall, Southeastern Louisiana University.

Value co-creation for service delivery innovations in emerging markets; Esi A. Elliot, Suffolk University; Aron Darmody, Suffolk University; Pelin Bicen, Suffolk University.

Kyle Mitchell at ABC investments; Tony Mento, Loyola University Maryland; Christy DeVader, Loyola University Maryland; Lynne Elkes, Loyola University Maryland; Joe Farrell, Loyola University Maryland; Gabe Villani, Loyola University Maryland; Alex Costos, Loyola University Maryland; Jon Kent, Loyola University Maryland.

MBA program in Paris: A cross – cultural joint venture; Christian J. Delaunay, Bridgewater State University; C. Richard Torrisi, Suffolk University.

Volume 21 - August 2018:

Homeschool educators, independent contractors or employees? ; Lucas M. Dille, Morgan State University; Baugu Musazi, Morgan State University.

Two leaders, two paths: A case study of comparing GE’s two leaderships; Charles B. Abell, Eastern Kentucky University; Jared Robbins, Eastern Kentucky University; Qian Xiao, Eastern Kentucky University.

Roberta Bell, “the more we sell the less we seem to earn!”; David Collins, Bellarmine University; Keith Richardson, Bellarmine University; Patricia Miller Selvy, Bellarmine University; Richard Schrader, Bellarmine University.

The End of Ringling Brothers Circus: Business Model and Stakeholder Influence ; Kelly Mollica, The University of Memphis.

Applying a risk matrix to biologics manufacturing remediation: a teaching exercise ; Lisa Walters, The State University of New York-Fredonia; Susan McNamara, The State University of New York-Fredonia.

Did your CEO accidentally offer to sell a $30 million Harrier jet? ; Michael Conklin, Colorado Mesa University.

A tale of two pricing missteps: an application of elasticity ; Sudipta Roy, University of St. Francis.

System requirements analysis with ICONIX process case study: group project peer-assessment tool; Qingxiong Ma, University of Central Missouri.

EPIC: A real property investment and management company; James E. Larsen, Wright State University.

Online grocery retailing: Distribution and order fulfillment; Lifang Wu, Xavier University; Xuemei Su, California State University Long Beach.

A teaching case: self- and peer-assessment system for group-project; Qingxiong Ma, University of Central Missouri.

To LED or not LED: a real-world approach to capital budgeting; Patrick A. Lach, Bellarmine University; Jacob D. Thomas, Eastern Illinois University.

Volume 20 - May 2018:

Employee or independent contractor? An instructional case dilemma with income tax implications; Delvin D. Seawright, Lamar University.

Refining a cost system: Belknap-Catlin LLC; Mark McCoon, University of Wisconsin-Superior; Ethan Christensen, University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Ethical dilemma: A case of illegal dumping and whistleblowing; Marilu Marcillo, Saint Peter’s University; Mary Kate Naatus, Saint Peter’s University.

Using the balanced scorecard as a turnaround strategy: a model and application; John Loyack, King’s College; Mark Leffler, King’s College; Marc Marchese, King’s College; Christopher Alexander, King’s College; Barry H. Williams, King’s College.

Why aren’t you listening to me? a case study in conflict resolution; Monica Law, Marywood University.

A case study of accounting and tax treatment of celebrity endorsement contracts; Peter Fuchsteiner, St. Cloud State University; Kris Portz, St. Cloud State University.

Inventory observation: Applied case study for audit students; Trish Driskill, University of the Incarnate Word; Kelly Pittman, University of the Incarnate Word.

Target date immunization using duration: An Excel assignment; Christi R. Wann, University of Tennessee – Chattanooga; D. Michael Long, University of Tennessee – Chattanooga.

Evaluating bargaining interest and negotiation style using the film Bridge of Spies; Stuart H. Warnock, Metropolitan State University of Denver; Nancy J. Boykin, Colorado State University.

A case of the subrogation blues! A business analyst’s sourcing recommendation; Matthew L. Nelson, Illinois State University; Mark Kazzaz, Amazon.

Applying management theory to build and sustain productive relationships with celebrity spokespeople; Jillian Ruth Yarbrough, West Texas A&M University.

Application exercise: introducing problem-solving using the nominal group case technique ; Lisa G. Cooley, Delta State University; Kerry P. Gatlin, University of North Alabama; Dan Hallock, University of North Alabama.

Volume 19 - January 2018:

The Heart Attack Grill: free market or social responsibility?; Jillian Ruth Yarbrough, West Texas A&M University.

For the cure? Philanthropy meets intellectual property rights; Michael S. Fore, Eastern Kentucky University.

BLEND Custom Parfum: An MBA case study; Lane Boyte-Eckis, Troy University.

Sherb and Co. LLP: a triple play of misconduct; Charles L. Martin, Jr., Towson University; Charles J. Russo, Towson University; Adam M. Eisenstadt, Towson University.

The Embezzlement at Sharon Baptist Church; Raymond J Elson, Valdosta State University; Beverley J Alleyne, Belmont University.

Warren E. Buffett: Entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist; Todd A. Finkle, Gonzaga University.

What to do about Joe; Anthony J. Mento, Loyola University Maryland; Nan S. Ellis, Loyola University Maryland; John T. Everett, Loyola University Maryland; Peter Lorenzi, Loyola University Maryland.

Weight-based cost estimation using Excel: candy, yogurt and salad applications; Concetta A. DePaolo, Indiana State University; Aimee L. Jacobs, California State University, Fresno; Constance H. McLaren, Indiana State University.

Equity valuation of GE Capital Real Estate; Sunayan Acharya, Murray State University.

A case study: Pershing Square’s acquisition decision – To buy or not to buy; Graig P. Arcuri, State University of New York; Susan Wright, State University of New York.

Fuel business transformation with electronic invoicing; Dimitris Drossos, University of the Aegean, Greece; Konstantinos Fouskas, University of Macedonia, Greece.

Volume 18 - September 2017:

JCP, 2017: A Light at the end of the Tunnel or a Train?; James Harbin, Texas A&M University-Texarkana; Brian Matthews, Texas A&M University-Texarkana; Patricia Humphrey, Texas A&M University-Texarkana.

The Crystal Cathedral Ministries and its Demise; Raymond J Elson, Valdosta State University; Casey Kennedy, Valdosta State University; Mark Wills, Valdosta State University.

Accounting and Tax Concerns at Chicago Youth Shakespeare; Sharyn Fisk, California State Polytechnic University Pomona; Mary Im, California State Polytechnic University Pomona; Robert L. Hurt, California State Polytechnic University Pomona.

Flying the (un)friendly skies of United; Glen Riecken, College of Charleston.

Pequeño Technology, Inc.; Brad Stevenson, Bellarmine University; David Collins, Bellarmine University.

University of Southern Oklahoma therapeutic riding program; Kitty Campbell, Southeastern Oklahoma State University; Martin Bressler, Southeastern Oklahoma State University; Rod Leird, Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Fraud in government: A simulated investigation of a real-world case; David Glodstein, State University of New York at Old Westbury; Ryan Schwoebel, Troy University & University of Alabama at Birmingham.

STARExplorer Case: Searching for ways to integrate data analytics and accounting; Joseph M. Ragan, Saint Joseph’s University; Dennies Chung, Erivan K. Haub School of Business; Vincent Alibrandi, Erivan K. Haub School of Business.

Sunny Mountain Retreat: Cash flow and profit in a seasonal, vacation rental; Leah Marcal, California State University, Northridge.

Chuck E. Cheese, A time for reflection and transformation?; Jillian Ruth Yarbrough, West Texas A&M University.

The story of a business formation and its failure; Nas Ahadiat, California State Polytechnic University; Hassan Hefzi, California State Polytechnic University.

Tavern on the Green: An Entrepreneur’s Struggle to keep her Family’s Business; Lynn Ruggieri, Roger Williams University; Paul W. Thurston, Siena College; Scott P. Mackey, Roger Williams University; Kristin Cavoores, Roger Williams University.

Volume 17 - July 2017:    (order printed edition)

Instructional case for auditing students: understanding internal controls and assessing control risk; Sharon M. Davidson, Alfred University.

EPIC: A real property investment and management company; James E. Larsen Wright State University.

Big data decision making: an application activity; Carolyn LaMacchia, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; John Rude, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; Elaine Dolak, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Acciaio Fabricators, Inc.; Brad Stevenson, Bellarmine University; David Collins, Bellarmine University.

Victory in Vancouver: Marketing the, 2010 Olympic Winter Games; Elizabeth L. R. Elam, Western New England University; Curt L. Hamakawa, Western New England University.

Value analysis for Starbuck’s Corporation stock; Christopher Irwin, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Hailu Regassa, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Hsin-hui Whited, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Logan Hanavan, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Adrian Hernandez, Colorado State University – Pueblo.

How much fraud could an auditor catch, if an auditor could catch fraud? A different look at the Dixon, Illinois fraud case.; Michael Malmfeldt, Shenandoah University.

Warren E. Buffett; Todd A. Finke, Gonzaga University.

Smithfield Fixtures, Inc.; Brad Stevenson, Bellarmine University; David Collins, Bellarmine University.

Mylan’s Epi-cal breach at the top; Melanie O. Anderson, Slippery Rock University; Diane D. Galbraith, Slippery Rock University.

Target Corp.: making work fun, fast and friendly; Alix Valenti, University of Houston-Clear Lake.

The FlowJet Golf Aid Case; William Foxx, Troy University; Patricia Matuszek, Troy University; Melissa Northam, Troy University.

Volume 16 - April 2017:   (order printed edition)

Corporate ownership model: Should Borussia Dortmund take on an equity partner?; Brian R. Walkup, The University of Tulsa; Adrien Bouchet, The University of Tulsa, Kaelynn Lemke; The University of Tulsa.

Harold’s Stores Inc.; Gregory G. Kaufinger, Anderson University (Indiana); Chris Neuenschwander, Anderson University (South Carolina).

The case of Human Resources Plus: reporting and analyzing restructuring charges; Robert Houmes, Jacksonville University; Ron Premuroso; Casey McNellis, University of Montana; Kim Capriotti, Jacksonville University.

Connection between the arbitration and the national assets in Hungary before Act VII. of, 2015; Gergely Hajdú, University of Pécs.

Applications of nonlinear models in contribution margin and profit analysis; Di Wu, California State University-Bakersfield; Ji Li, California State University-Bakersfield.

Minimizing the seven wastes at Betts Spring Manufacturing; Lisa M. Houts, California State University, Fresno.

Hazing and bullying in the NFL; Robin Clark, West Texas A&M University; Joanna Kimbell, West Texas A&M University; Denise Philpot, West Texas A&M University; Neil Terry, West Texas A&M University.

Apple’s taxing times: An analysis of its recent tax strategies and disclosures ; Steven F. Orpurt, Arizona State University; Stephen Brown, University of Maryland.

Wisco Pop! – a case study on building entrepreneurial success with limited resources; Douglas Schreder, National Louis University.

Teaching insurance concepts and developing problem solving skills through statistical simulation; Ed Pappanastos, Troy University; Courtney Baggett, Butler University; Edwin H. Duett, Troy University.

No one is as smart as everyone – a Japanese proverb: The story of a high-performing work team; Stan W. Vinson, Ph.D., Lander University; Michael G. Brizek, Ph.D., Lander University.

Crooked Creek golf development: A case in commercial bank lending; Steve A Nenninger, Sam Houston State University.

Volume 15 - December 2015:   (order printed edition)

Cash For Your Inconvenience-An Ethical Question; George H. G. Hall, Jacksonville University; Richard Murphy, Jacksonville University.

Hooters Air: Hot wings don’t fly; Dennis Kimerer, The University of Tampa; Hauimu Xing, The University of Tampa; Steven Lewis, The University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa; Melissa Walters, The University of Tampa; Phil Michaels, The University of Tampa.

Urban cookhouse; Kevin Gibson, Samford University; Joshua Reed, Samford University; Christine Lu Wang, Samford University; Charles M. Carson, Samford University; Barbara H. Cartledge, Samford University.

Examining task and relationship-oriented leadership styles: an in-class application activity ; Monica Law, Marywood University.

Using cost behavior to make optimal business decisions: The case of Air Land Transport, Inc. ; George R. Wilson, Northern Michigan University.

When an employee benefit turns sour: A case study; Donald W. Eckrich, Ithaca College; Warren Schlesinger, Ithaca College; Susan Rosenthal, Ithaca College.

Data Breaches in Higher Education; Lori Coleman, Holy Family University; Bernice M. Purcell, Holy Family University.

SEPE electronics and stationaries: decision making under different environments; Erasmus Fabian Kipesha, Mzumbe University; Joseph Sungau, Mzumbe University.

Is driving for Uber a good opportunity for a college student?; Sinan Yildirim, Texas Wesleyan University.

United Way of Greater Victoria: Connecting with Millennials; Rebecca Grant, University of Victoria.

Ace software goes to Oman ; Daniel D. Butler, Auburn University; Ian Mercer, Auburn University.

A Misclassification Hazard ; Chelsea Schrader, Morgan State University; Nathan Austin, Morgan State University

Volume 14 - July 2015:   (order printed edition)

Alibaba: Credibility Crisis ;Tatiana Leite, University of Tampa; Caitlyn Martin, University of Tampa; Carolina Montes, University of Tampa; Stephen Reyes, University of Tampa; Robert McMurrian, University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, University of Tampa.

Made-to-measure in New York; L. Benjamin Boyar, LaGuardia Community College.

Army of one? Marketing battle for recruits; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa; Deirdre Dixon, The University of Tampa; Jacqueline Atkins, The University of Tampa; Erin Cece, The University of Tampa; Stefan Drechsel, The University of Tampa.

An ethics case study for introductory business/ accounting students ; Robert Clark, The University of Tampa; Teresa Pergola, The University of Tampa.

Attention Kmart shoppers? Into and out of bankruptcy; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa; Karen Squires, The University of Tampa; Lisa Bostick, The University of Tampa; Ron Kuntze, The University of Tampa; Tom Barrett, The University of Tampa; Chip Myrick, The University of Tampa.

Bank of America customer service: Good is just not good enough * ; Art Weinstein, Nova Southeastern University; Wendy Clasen, Nova Southeastern University; Erika Lorenzo, Nova Southeastern University; Eric Roberson, Nova Southeastern University.

Olympus and the micro four-thirds camera system: disrupting the digital camera industry ; Michael R. Weeks, Houston Baptist University.

H-E-B’s sustainable competitive advantage ; Judith Raven, University of the Incarnate Word; Ryan Lunsford, University of the Incarnate Word.

Losing the grip on Sears Holdings; Dylan Kendra, Holy Family University; Mike Fyke, Holy Family University; Amanda Kelley, Holy Family University; Kasey Woetzel, Holy Family University; Charles Harmer, Holy Family University; Don Goeltz, Holy Family University.

Employee fraud: A tale of greed and temptations ; Yetunde H. Orimoloye, Morgan State University; Nathan K. Austin, Morgan State University; Phyllis Y. Keys, Morgan State University.

Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation: The merger of Aldabra, 2 Acquisition Corporation and Boise, Inc. ; Carol Boyer, Long Island University; Alize Margulis, Long Island University.

A teaching case on strategic and tactical decision-making at Hewlett-Packard Co. ; John MacArthur, University of North Florida; Thomas Barton, University of North Florida.

Volume 13 - January 2015:   (order printed edition)

On the use of market derived estimates of contingent losses: the case of data breaches; Bruce Bublitz, University of Michigan-Dearborn; Kirk Philipich, University of Michigan-Dearborn; Ramachandran Ramanan, University of Notre Dame.

A case study of Italy’s Marche Region Industrial Districts: A model of transformation and change; Attilio Mucelli, Polytechnic University of Marche; Alessandra Micozzi, Polytechnic University of Marche; Arthur Rubens, Florida Gulf Coast University; Gary Jackson, Florida Gulf Coast University.

The cure for Everton Tea: A case study; Lonnie L. Bryant, The University of Tampa; Roshan Gunawardhana, The University of Tampa.

Publicly traded partnership entity option: a case study of LGS Company; Mark Law, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; Gabriel Genovese, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; Rona Hummel, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; A. Blair Staley, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Estimating expected marginal future cash flows: The real challenge of the NPV; Jonathan P. Breazeale, Sam Houston State University; Robert Stretcher, Sam Houston State University.

Keeping up with practice: integrating contemporary practice issues into management accounting coursework; Melissa Walters, The University of Tampa.

The RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Disaster: B2B or B2C?; Nathan Budd, The University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa, Amy Breakwell, The University of Tampa; Monica Xiao Liu, The University of Tampa; Cara Schleper, The University of Tampa; Robert McMurrian, The University of Tampa.

Tax planning for corporate formation, Section 351 application, and choices in capital finance; Michael Malmfeldt, Shenandoah University.

“Puzzle vision”: an experiential exercise on the importance of organizational vision; Lisa V. Williams, Niagara University; Stephen F. Mayer, Niagara University.

Mapping relation algebra operators into SQL queries: A database case study; John N. Dyer, Georgia Southern University; Camille Rogers, Georgia Southern University.

Pete and Carolyn- a case of costly misperceptions; Alan R. Hamlin, Southern Utah University.

Designing projects for the introduction to business course using learning outcomes statements ; James Pettijohn, Missouri State University; Kent Ragan, Missouri State University; Gay Ragan, Missouri State University.

Volume 12 - October 2014:   (order printed edition)

Implementing an off-the-shelf insurance management system in a small business; Vijay Raghavan, Northern Kentucky University; Amy Goff, Humana Inc., Louisville, KY; Toru Sakaguchi, Northern Kentucky University. ventures into digital currencies; Sunayan Acharya, Murray State University; Jessica Dunn, Murray State University.

Incorporating international studies and cultural differences in the business classroom; Joshua D. Hall, The University of Tampa; Cheri G. Etling, The University of Tampa.

Creative-thinking exercises for entrepreneurship class; Kimberly M. Green, University of West Georgia.

Yale Lift Trucks: Brand building in the business to business market; Hemant Rustogi, The University of Tampa; Judith Washburn, The University of Tampa; Stacey Hanson, The University of Tampa; Sarah Ham, The University of Tampa.

Bratz dolls: responding to cultural change; Jessica Burns Fugate, The University of Tampa; Ronald Kuntze, The University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa; Janette Carter, The University of Tampa; Kristen Kluberdanz, The Univesity of Tampa.

Piper Jaffray Companies: a study in investment banking; Michael P. Hughes, Francis Marion University.

Beyond the burrito: Chipotle Mexican Grill’s brand extension; Nicole L. Stevens, University of the Incarnate Word; Ryan Lunsford, University of the Incarnate Word.

Retirement: a reality or dream? The case of low returns and longevity; Grace C. Allen, Western Carolina University; Susan L. Swanger, Western Carolina University; Holly N. Disbrow Macon Bank.

Smithfield Motors: A case in lending, strategy, and value; Steve A. Nenninger, Sam Houston State University.

No longer business as usual: Employee fraud and ethical issues; Ayishat Omar, Morgan State University; Nathan K. Austin, Morgan State University; Phyllis Y. Keys, Morgan State University.

Georgia-Pacific: Water, carbon & waste; Rachael Cragle, Pellissippi State Community College; M. Kenneth Holt, Austin Peay State University.

Volume 11 - July 2014:   (order printed edition)

Sega Corporation: The dream and the plan to rise above; Ben Eres, The University of Tampa; Robert McMurrian, The University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa; Nathan Budd, The University of Tampa.

Start-Ups and the Internet: The case of Strutz’ Sole Angel®; Alma Mintu-Wimsatt, Ph.D., Texas A & M University – Commerce; Hector R. Lozada, Ph.D., Seton Hall University; Steven Llorens, Esq., Strutz Inc.

Teaching stigmatized property: You don’t have a ghost of a chance; David Chapman, University of Central Oklahoma; Marty Ludlum, University of Central Oklahoma.

Martins Manufacturing Inc.: An Advanced ABC/ABM Case, with Strategic Considerations; Scott D. Eriksen, Colorado State University - Pueblo; Arsen Djatej, Eastern Washington University.

Creating a successful business: the case of Virtual Learning Solution, Ghana; Fanny Adams Quagrainie, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

A spreadsheet based derivation of the probability distribution from a random sample; Jerzy Letkowski, Western New England University.

In God we trust: A case of church financial fraud; Lynette I. Wood, Winston-Salem State University; Donald J. Wood, Winston-Salem State University.

Mathematical models and simulations in Excel: The case of the Marion Investment Company; Joseph P. Hasley, Metropolitan State University of Denver.Download supplemental materials.

Kodak EasyShare Gallery: holding memories hostage; Abdulrahman N. Alrashed, University of Tampa; Keith R. Schott, University of Tampa; Alan S. Demo, University of Tampa; Sarah Linthicum, University of Tampa; Kelly Flynn, University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, Ph.D, University of Tampa; Raymond Papp, Ph.D, University of Tampa.

Do you see what I see? An exercise in communication and structure ; Karen L. Proudford, Morgan State University.

Preparing to study or travel abroad: The Travel Abroad Motivation Equation (TAME); Brian G. Rubrecht, Meiji University; Kayoko Ishikawa, Meiji University.

What should Regan do?; Shashi Dewan, Winona State University.

Volume 10 - February 2014:   (order printed edition)

Performance management within the context of organizational culture; Margaret E. Mitchell, Central Connecticut State University; David S. Fearon, Sr., Central Connecticut State University.

A process for assessing Excel skills using a capital budgeting analysis; Cheri G. Etling, The University of Tampa; Christine Harrington, The University of Tampa; Jill A. Misuraca, The University of Tampa.

Computer simulation: modeling school system traffic flow with high population growth; Andrew Tiger, Union University; Ryan Cronin, Union University; Meredith Gunn, Union University; Spencer Thomas, Union University.

Kennel-Up Company: an analysis of target costing and strategic cost management techniques; L. Melissa Walters; The University of Tampa, Teresa M. Pergola; The University of Tampa, Erika Matulich; The University of Tampa.

The dean’s dilemma; Marsha Jance, Indiana University East.

Process-oriented information system requirements engineering - a case study; Qingxiong Ma, University of Central Missouri; Yueyang Jiang, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

AMT vs. NOL…when two worlds collide; Michael L. Garcia, The University of Tampa.

Best Buy: Reconquering the electronics market?; Glen Riecken, College of Charleston.

The case of the careless county recorder; James Schaefer, University of Evansville.

Games, gadgets, and other goods’ discount coupon: an ethics case; Magdy Farag, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

The Valley-Patriots Women’s Auxiliary: asset management in a small nonprofit organization; Joanne Burress, Ithaca College; Donald Eckrich, Ithaca College.

The Blake at Gulf Breeze; Courtney Cameron, Samford University; Paige Morris, Samford University; Shep Nolen, Samford University; Charles Carson, Samford University.

Volume 9 - September 2013:   (order printed edition)

To leave, or not to leave: The choice of an unfulfilled employee; Isaac Y. Addae, Morgan State University; Nathan K. Austin, Morgan State University.

Coaching basketball and variance analysis; Ronald Guymon, Georgia State University; Ryan Blunck, Georgia State University.

Total points are not the main point; Ed Pappanastos, Troy University; Bob Wheatley, Troy University.

The banker and the campus uproar: Ethical dilemmas for finance professionals; Violeta Díaz, New Mexico State University; Grace Ann Rosile, New Mexico State University; Greg Roth, New Mexico State University.

Project management using Excel spreadsheets: the case of Jules Event Planning Company; Raida Abuizam, Purdue University Calumet; Lin Zhao, Purdue University Calumet.

Game theory and the new entrant: Independence Bank and the USFFCU; Karla Borja, The University of Tampa; Zachary P. Churchill, The University of Tampa; Michael T. Papa, The University of Tampa; Matt Wagner, The University of Tampa.

Selling a business in the middle market: an introductory case for value measures; Hsin-hui I. H. Whited, Colorado State University – Pueblo.

First things first: Examining personal motivation before learning how to motivate others; Laura L. Paglis, University of Evansville.

Beer run – communication exercise as preparation for group projects; Jeff Smith, University of South Carolina Upstate.

The mobile apps industry: A case study; Thomas L. Rakestraw, Youngstown State University; Rangamohan V. Eunni, Youngstown State University; Rammohan R. Kasuganti, Youngstown State University.

Organizational reaction to a performance problem; Margaret E. Mitchell, Central Connecticut State University; William E. Tracey, Jr., Central Connecticut State University.

Southern Tier Brewing: family-ownership of a high growth brewery; Carol B. Wittmeyer, St. Bonaventure University. Mike Russell, St. Bonaventure University; Amy Miller, St. Bonaventure University.

Volume 8 - June 2013:   (order printed edition)

Metro District Health Partners: issues in patient-centric health-marketing planning; Todd Bruin, Cornell University; Donald Eckrich, Ithaca College.

How much are fingers worth? A case of safety, leadership, and change ; Mildred Golden Pryor, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Sonia Taneja, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Scott Sewell, Texas A&M University-Commerce.

That pesky golf game and the dreaded stats class; Marsha Jance, Indiana University East.

A television reporter makes a mistake. What should be done?; George H. G. Hall, Jacksonville University; Richard Murphy, Jacksonville University.

Hobbs communication devices: using variance analysis to improve budgeting; David Folsom, Lehigh University; Ronald Guymon, Georgia State University.

A new direction for Delta Pacific – a case study; Maureen Hannay, Troy University.

The fruitcake capital of the world; Jan Grimes, Georgia Southern University; Michael McDonald, Georgia Southern University; John Leaptrott, Georgia Southern University.

Mistaken causation? A case to teach the difference between correlation and causality; Katherine B. Hartman, Ohio University; James B. Hunt, University of North Carolina Wilmington; Carla Y. Childers, Ohio University.

Bioethics vaccine business vignette instructor’s note; Timothy A. Manuel, University of Montana.

Effective tax rates: The role of tax rates in investment decisions; Carmen Bachmann, University of Augsburg; Martin Baumann, University of Augsburg.

Asset misappropriation and the death of a mayor; Sandra Gates, Texas A&M – Commerce; Carol Sullivan, University of St. Thomas- Houston.

Near-unsophisticated fraud: the case of former Dixon’s Comptroller; Ifeoma A. Udeh, Virginia State University.

Volume 7 - February 2013:   (order printed edition)

Performance management—or lack thereof—at Bella’s; Bobby Medlin, University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

The value of information technology — a case study; Lin Zhao, Purdue University Calumet; Songtao Mo, Purdue University Calumet.

AABRI has permanently retracted this manuscript from publication for non-compliance with the AABRI Originality Policy: Police Drones - Big Brother Is Watching; Benjamin A. Neil, Towson University; Benjamin A. Neil II, Towson University.

Collections and crime: the case of Citibank in Indonesia ; Michael Martin, University of Northern Colorado; Joseph J. French, University of Northern Colorado.

Using the Flight of the Phoenix to teach the fundamentals of project management; James Schaefer, University of Evansville; Katherine L. Kleindorfer, University of Evansville.

Overcoming internal audit issues with professionalism and integrity; Delvin D. Seawright, Morgan State University.

Opportunity identification exercises as an introduction to entrepreneurship; Kimberly M. Green, University of West Georgia; Monica Williams Smith, University of West Georgia.

Accounting for box tops; Christopher Demaline, Central Arizona College.

Basis of my life’s work; Michael L. Garcia, University of Tampa; Karen D. Squires, Accessible Continuing Education Solutions.

Jackson Masonry loan relationship: A case in commercial bank lending ; Steve A. Nenninger, Sam Houston State University; James B. Bexley, Sam Houston State University.

How much would you pay for a pension fund manager?; Jose Rigoberto Parada-Daza, Universidad de Concepcion-Chile.

Crummy Cracker Company: exercises for managerial accounting; Gerald M. Myers, Pacific Lutheran University.

Volume 6 - October 2012:   (order printed edition)

Experiential learning with student created cases: Using financial autopsies; Fred H. Hays, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Sidne Gail Ward, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Case study: Property taxes: Are owners getting their money’s worth?; Travis L. Jones, Florida Gulf Coast University; H. Shelton Weeks, Florida Gulf Coast University; William J. Ritchie, James Madison University.

Case study: The rise and fall of Circuit City; Amy Hart, The University of Tampa; Erika Matulich, The University of Tampa; Kimberly Rubinsak, The University of Tampa; Kasey Sheffer, The University of Tampa; Nikol Vann, The University of Tampa; Myriam Vidalon, Nielson.

Reconsidering a multi-channel strategy; J. Barry Dickinson, Holy Family University.

Rent-A-Car: an integrated team-based case study for managerial economics ; Dmitriy Chulkov, Indiana University Kokomo; Dmitri Nizovtsev, Washburn University.

AABRI has permanently retracted this manuscript from publication for non-compliance with the AABRI Originality Policy: Social networking and civil discovery (a case study); Benjamin A. Neil, Towson University; Brian A. Neil, Esq. Attorney, Baltimore, Maryland.

A tough start to the day; Michael McDonald, Georgia Southern University; John Leaptrott, Georgia Southern University; Jerry Wilson, Georgia Southern University; James Randall, Georgia Southern University.

Napoli Pizza wants to determine its optimal capital structure; Brad Stevenson, Bellarmine University; Daniel Bauer, Bellarmine University; David Collins, Bellarmine University; Keith Richardson, Bellarmine University.

ChillOut’s standard costing system: Is it working for them?; Amy J. Fredin, St. Cloud State University; Roopa Venkatesh, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Provocative teaching examples versus more traditional case studies for finance and economics courses; Joel A. Waldman, Robert Morris University; James C. Heneghan, Robert Morris University; Patrick J. Litzinger, Robert Morris University.

An introductory case in feasibility and exit strategy assessment for entrepreneurship; Kimberly M. Green, University of West Georgia; Monica Williams Smith, University of West Georgia.

Baton Rouge Music Studios: a case analysis; Krisandra Guidry, Nicholls State University.

Volume 5, March 2012:   (order printed edition)

Case study: Transforming from a service to a products based business; John A. Kaliski, Minnesota State University, Mankato; Queen Booker, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Evaluating a cohort library’s performance reporting; Paul J. Brennan, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Case study: super saver SDN BHD – where is the saving?; Raja Hanaliza Raja Ahmad Tajudin, University of Management and Technology (UMtech), Malaysia.

Financial exploitation of the elderly and disabled: can banks be held liable? A business law case study; Cindy A. Hardin, Florida Southern College.

Al-Jo’anee Company: support department cost allocations with matrices to improve decision making; Saad S. Hussein, University of Tikrit, Iraq; Dennis F. Togo, University of New Mexico.

It’s my money and I want to recognize it now!; Karen D. Squires, Accessible Continuing Education Solutions; Michael L. Garcia, University of Tampa.

Corner Table Incorporated: establishing a frozen food division; Steven J. Pilloff, George Mason University.

A case of ethical dilemmas in an application for faculty promotion; Donald W. Eckrich, Ithaca College; Joanne Burress, Ithaca College.

MarvCAD, Inc. – An entrepreneurial case study; David Fehr, Southern New Hampshire University.

Understanding the entrepreneurs in the night market business; Nor Khomar Ishak, University of Management and Technology; Rohaizah Abdul Latif, University of Management and Technology; Khursiah Abdul Aziz, University of Management and Technology.

Mak Tim Resort; Nor Khomar Ishak, University of Management and Technology (UMTECH), Malaysia, Fakhrul Zaman Abdullah, University of Management and Technology (UMTECH), Malaysia.

AABRI has permanently retracted this manuscript from publication for non-compliance with the AABRI Originality Policy: Life without parole sentence for juvenile offenders Loggins v. Thomas in The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit No. 09-13267
; Benjamin Neil, Towson University; W Michael Seganish, Towson University.

Volume 4, October 2011:   (order printed edition)

Cortesia Coches: moving beyond borders; R.T. Good, Shenandoah University.

All you have to do is rearrange the numbers; Gilbert W. Joseph, The University of Tampa; Teresa M. Pergola, The University of Tampa; Maureen G. Butler, The University of Tampa.

Infrastructure investment and the impact of special assessments under shifting population demographics; Dean Stansel, Florida Gulf Coast University; J. Howard Finch, Samford University; H. Shelton Weeks, Florida Gulf Coast University.

Enlightened entertainment: what are friends for? a business ethics case study; Roxanne Stell, Northern Arizona University; Larry Watkins, Northern Arizona University; Eric Yordy, Northern Arizona University.

Implementing Planning in Reverse in strategic business, education and public leadership courses; Scott Ballantyne, Alvernia University.

Bella’s: a case study in organizational behavior; Bobby Medlin, University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

Coming of age for a consulting company: An entrepreneurial transition case study; Wayne Koprowski, Dominican University; Khalid Razaki, Dominican University.

Merchant’s bank (in organization): a case study; James B. Bexley, Sam Houston State University; Bala Maniam, Sam Houston State University.

MODISC: teaching distribution fundamentals through an experiential model of distribution channel choic; Shyam Kamath, Saint Mary’s College of California; Jagdish Agrawal, California State University, East Bay; Eric Kolhede, Saint Mary’s College of California; Yung Jae Lee, Saint Mary’s College of California.

Goofing off is in the eye of the beholder - A case of trust, culture, and change; Mildred Golden Pryor, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Leslie A. Toombs, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin; Sonia Taneja, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Randy Odom, Texas A&M University-Commerce.

The people cried – a case of compassionate, transformational leadership; Mildred Golden Pryor, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Jennifer Oyler, Texas A&M University-Commerce; John H. Humphreys, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Leslie A. Toombs, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

Community bank lending decisions: a case illustration; Bruce McManis, Nicholls State University; Krisandra Guidry, Nicholls State University; Shari Lawrence, Nicholls State University.

Volume 3, July 2011:   (order printed edition)

Forecasting an income statement and balance sheet: a case exercise for beginners; Hsin-hui I. H. Whited, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Hailu Regassa, Colorado State University – Pueblo.

The Pittsfield Symphony: managing the arts in tough times; Ronald Rubenfield, Robert Morris University; Michael Yahr, Robert Morris University.

Beijing Olympics: Games of epic proportion; Curt Hamakawa, Western New England College; Elizabeth Elam, Western New England College.

Using a hands-on exercise to teach cost accounting concepts; Barbara Vinciguerra, Moravian College; C. Andrew Lafond, The College of New Jersey.

What do MBA, MLB, and AT&T have in common? A dynamic off-campus application; Leslie Goldgehn, University of San Francisco; Kristen Jentzen, University of San Francisco.

Smithwell machine tools, incorporated: ethical dilemmas in international business; W. Christian Buss, DeSales University.

Jill Pelabur learns how to develop her own estimate of a company’s stock value; Keith Richardson, Bellarmine University; Daniel Bauer, Bellarmine University; David Collins, Bellarmine University.

Advance one, retreat two: A case for problem-based inquiry; Michele Wender Zak, Saint Mary’s College of California.

Entrepreneurial decision-making: The Best Backgammon, Inc. case; Alan L. Brumagim, The University of Scranton.

The state of accounting in Egypt: a case; Khaled Dahawy, The American University in Cairo; Nermeen F. Shehata, Cairo University; Tad Ransopher, Georgia State University.

HabiHut: improving shelter for people in need; Scott Bryant, Montana State University.

The Impact of E-Commerce on book wholesale operations; Ian James Shepherd, Abilene Christian University; Don Pope, Abilene Christian University.

Volume II (2009)


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Volume I (2007-2008)


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