Academic and Business Research Institute
International Conference - Orlando 2013

Conference proceedings listed by registration number:

OC13001 - Tsao, Yea-Ling, Minnesota State University Mankato; Computational Estimation of Elementary of School Teachers; EIP Track.

OC13002 - Carson, Chad, Samford University; The Blake at Gulf Breeze; Case Track.

OC13003 - Harris, Ranida, Indiana University Southeast; An investigation of the impact of abusive supervision on technology end-users; MMM Track.

OC13004 - Micu, Camelia, Fairfield University; Understanding Social Media: The Effect of Product Type and Brand Information on Consumers Social Media Use; MMM Track.

OC13005 - Coelho, Donna, Western Connecticut State University; A parsimonious model of consumer satisfaction; MMM Track.

OC13006 - Drozdenko, Ronald, Western Connecticut State University; A parsimonious model of consumer satisfaction; MMM Track.

OC13007 - Holstein, Adora, Robert Morris University; Cost-effectiveness Studies of Medical Interventions for Breast Cancer: An International Comparison; AFE Track.

OC13008 - Papp, Raymond, The University of Tampa; Kodak EasyShare Gallery: The Importance of Strategic Decision Making; EIP Track.

OC13009 - Spalding, Albert, Wayne State University; Regulatory Disincentives that Discourage Small Businesses from Hiring their Sixteenth Employee; AFE Track.

OC13010 - Lalonde, Kelly, Saint Anselm College; Accounting for Revenues: Potential changes in valuation and timing; AFE Track.

OC13011 - Etim, Alice, Winston Salem State University; Mobile Banking and Mobile Money Adoption for Financial Inclusion: A Study in Ghana and Nigeria; MMM Track.

OC13012 - Jianghua, Shen, Lingnan University (HongKong); Institutional ownership and dividend policy: Evidence from China; AFE Track.

OC13013 - XIE, LING MIN, Lingnan University, Hong Kong; Information asymmetry and firm-level investment efficiency; AFE Track.

OC13014 - Staudt, Denise, University of the Incarnate Word; Using Distance Learning to Train Mexico Teachers; EIP Track.

OC13015 - Hays, Fred, University of Missouri-Kansas City; State Entrepreneurial Activity and Bank Performance; AFE Track.

OC13016 - Bilbrey, Jerry, Anderson University; Using Regression for Explanation and Prediction of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Returns; AFE Track.

OC13017 - Hasley, Joseph, Metropolitan State University of Denver; The outcomes of user interactions with retail websites: semantics and nomenclature; MMM Track.

OC13018 - Matulich, Erika, The University of Tampa; I just got a text from Grandma An exploration of elderly technology usage; MMM Track.

OC13019 - Fitzgerald, Gail, University of Missouri; Electronic Performance Support Systems for Teachers and Young Children with Disabilities; EIP Track.

OC13020 - Liang, Priscilla, CSU Channel Islands; Government Policies and Chinese Financial Market Performance; AFE Track.

OC13021 - Pramanik, Al Amin, Macquarie University - Australia; Gender Inequality and Ready-Made Garment (RMG) workers in Bangladesh; MMM Track.

OC13022 - Awang, Faridah, Eastern Kentucky University; The Multicultural Organizations: Perceptions of Diversity Challenges and Initiatives; MMM Track.

OC13023 - Wang, Ying, Youngstown State University; Social Stratification, Materialism, Post Materialism and Consumption Values: An Empirical Study of Chinese Sample; MMM Track.

OC13024 - Khindanova, Irina, University of Denver; A Monte Carlo Analysis of a Wind Power Generation Investment; AFE Track.

OC13025 - Macke, Caroline, University of Kentucky; Outcomes for Ethnic Minorities in Team Based Learning Courses; EIP Track.


OC13027 - Riley, Neil, Francis Marion University; Using Regression for Explanation and Prediction of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Returns; AFE Track.

OC13028 - Oliver, Thomas, Clarion University; Student Performance in the Managerial Accounting Course: An Ordered Probit Model; AFE Track.

OC13029 - Eisel, Joyce, Harris-Stowe State University, Anheuser-Busch School of Business; International Healthcare Management Emerges as a Multinational Business Clinical Model; MMM Track.

OC13030 - Purcell, Bernice, Holy Family University; Big Data Using Cloud Computing; MMM Track.

OC13031 - Vandenberg, Amy, St. Norbert College; SOX: Value Added at What Cost?; AFE Track.

OC13032 - Strehlow, Emily, St. Norbert College; SOX: Value Added at What Cost?; AFE Track.

OC13033 - Zevitz, Richard, Marquette University; Long Road Home: Trials and Tribulations of a Confederate Soldier; CJ Track.

OC13034 - Seaton, Hugh, Jacksonville University; Performance Management Systems and Cultural Development; MMM Track.

OC13035 - Flasch, Crystal, St. Norbert College; SOX: Value Added at What Cost?; AFE Track.

OC13036 - Alsghir, Abdulrahman, Saudi; Not Presenting.

OC13037 - Warrick, Christopher, Southern Arkansas University; Audit Firm Independence and Safegauards for the Revolving Door Practice; AFE Track.

OC13038 - Hsu, Kuangchung, University of Central Oklahoma; Why not moving up while moving out?; AFE Track.

OC13039 - Basham, Lloyd, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Leadership of Presidents in Higher Education; MMM Track.

OC13040 - Alsughayir, Abdulrahman, Al - Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University; Examining a theory of reasoned action (TRA) in internet banking using SEM among Saudi consumer; MMM Track.

OC13041 - Hogan, Jan, Auburn University Montgomery; The Art of Effective Revisions in Language Arts; EIP Track.

OC13042 - Kain, George, Western CT State University; Great Expectations: The Empty Promises of Capital Punishment to Protect Law Enforcement Officers; CJ Track.

OC13043 - Coustasse, Alberto, Marshall University; A review of radio frequency identification technologies and impacts on the hospital supply chain: 2002 - 2012; MMM Track.

OC13044 - Walters, Melissa, The University of Tampa; RIM: the BlackBerry PlayBook - business or consumer market?; Case Track.

OC13045 - Almerico, Gina, The University of Tampa; Linking Childrens Literature with Social Studies in the Elementary Curriculum; EIP Track.

OC13046 - Alhassun, Abdulrahman, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Not Presenting.

OC13047 - Alhamad, Majed, King Saud University; Using Computer and the Internet in Preparing Teachers of Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages: The Status of Arabic Language Institute at King Saud University (coauthors); EIP Track.

OC13048 - Ab Hamid, Noor Raihan, Unitar International University; Measurement models of information service quality: A study on the banking sector; MMM Track.

OC13049 - Logan, Twila Mae, Florida International University; The economic impact of the 2006 Commonwealth Games on International Arrival, Daily Room Rates and Occupancy Rates in Melbourne Australia.; AFE Track.

OC13050 - Meetze, Tracy, Francis Marion University; Who will educate tomorrow's children: an analysis of divergence in pre-service teachers; EIP Track.

OC13051 - Delgado, Gema, Carlos Albizu University; Perceptions of Pregnancy: Are We Equal Yet?; MMM Track.

OC13052 - Fiore, Robert, Springfield College; Testing for Attribution Error in Entrepreneurship; MMM Track.

OC13053 - Kang, Moonsung, Korea University; Export Subsidies and Least-Developed Countries; AFE Track.

OC13054 - Fisher, Clifford, Purdue University; Have the Courts Taken Away Our Constitutional Protections?; EIP Track.

OC13055 - Wojewodzki, Michal, Lingnan University of Hong Kong; The Role of Credit Ratings on Capital Structure and its Speed of Adjustment in Bank-Oriented and Market-Oriented Economies; AFE Track.

OC13056 - Cho, Juyun, Colorado State University - Pueblo; Use of RFID in Health Industry; MMM Track.

OC13057 - Abaidoo, Rexford, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Consumer Loan Supply, Recession Expectation and Deficit induced Policy Uncertainty; AFE Track.

OC13058 - Coleman, Phillip, Western Kentucky University; Are Smart Phones Actually Smart?; MMM Track.

OC13059 - Torrisi, C. Richard, Suffolk Univ; U S FDI in the European Union: The Experience of the U K; AFE Track.

OC13060 - Hall, George, Jacksonville University; Television Reporter makes a Mistake; What are the next Steps-A case Study; Case Track.

OC13061 - Grimes, Jan, Georgia Southern University; The fruitcake capital of the world; Case Track.

OC13062 - Alraddadi, Abeer; Not Presenting.

OC13063 - Wooten, Deborah, University of Tennessee Knoxville; ; Track.

OC13064 - Platt, Jerry, Akita International University, Japan; Exploring and Understanding Big Data Through Case Studies; Case Track.

OC13065 - Mitsutomi, Marjo, Akita International University, Japan; Coping with College Administration: A Case Study of Contrasting Campuses, Countries and Cultures; Case Track.

OC13066 - Hance, Bryan, National University; Pilotless Drones and the Extraterritorial Application of International Human Rights Treaties; CJ Track.

OC13067 - Weng, Chih-Yi, Providence University, Taiwan; Effects of Music and Walk Training Intervention on the Health-Related Physical Fitness in Obese Female College Students; EIP Track.

OC13068 - Aldahoum, Abdulaziz, Texas A&M University - Commerce; Not Presenting.

OC13069 - Sherman, Walter Scott, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi; Bozos, Yoyos, Bimbos, and Heroes: The Role of Focus and Competence in Defining Consultant Styles; MMM Track.

OC13070 - Panday, Priniti, Roger Williams Univeristy; Revisiting the Determinants of Economic Development: Does Economic Freedom Matter?; AFE Track.

OC13071 - Park, Yang, Georgia Southwestern State University; Behavior of knowledge sharing in Professional Virtual Communities; MMM Track.

OC13072 - Shi, Zhengzhong, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth; An Empirical Test of the Impact of Inter-Population Overlap in the Drupal Community on Its Innovativeness; MMM Track.

OC13073 - Monahan, Michael, Frostburg State University; Job hunting strategies in the Lion City; MMM Track.

OC13074 - Alrashed, Abdulrahman, University of Tampa; Kodak EasyShare Gallery: The Importance of Strategic Decision Making case; EIP Track.

OC13075 - Guiu, Angela, Carlos Albizu University; Preferred Leadership Style among Employees of Five Different Hispanic Cultures; MMM Track.

OC13076 - Pearcy, Dawn, Eastern Michigan University; Fair trade awareness: Exploring its relationship to public policy and sustainable outcomes; MMM Track.

OC13077 - Letkowski, Jerzy, Western New England Univeristy; Exploring the Mode the Most Likely Value?; Case Track.

OC13078 - Leonard, Alvereen, University of South Africa; Banking the unbanked in South Africa is mobile banking the answer?; CJ Track.

OC13079 - Gurung, Anil, Marshall University; Security Measures Awareness and Ecommerce; MMM Track.

OC13080 - Leonard, Carmen, Tshwane University of Technology; Models:building blocks for pharmacy education; EIP Track.

OC13081 - Maysami, Ramin, University of North Carolina at Pembroke; Instructional Techniques and Teaching Pedagogy for a Synchronous US-China Course; EIP Track.

OC13082 - Van Sickle, Meta, College of Charleston; Discussion of the Effectiveness of the National Accreditation Process of Secondary Science Education Programs; EIP Track.

OC13083 - Alturki, Hind, Texas A&M University; Not Presenting.

OC13084 - Bazler, Judith, Monmouth University; Discussion of the Effectiveness of the National Accreditation Process of Secondary Science Education Programs; EIP Track.

OC13085 - Shankar, Siddharth, Texas A&M International University; Rate of return and information asymmetry around multiple Restatement firms; AFE Track.

OC13086 - Walton, Jim, Arkansas Tech University; Quick Service Restaurant Success Factors; MMM Track.

OC13087 - Taveras, Rafael, Carlos Albizu University; Work Place Romance: A Cross-Cultural Investigation; MMM Track.

OC13088 - Ma, Qingxiong, University of Central Missouri; Multi-stage Targeted Twin Phishing Attack A Small International Trading Company Case Study; MMM Track.

OC13089 - Matias, Raymond, Carlos Albizu University; Work Stress & Eating Habits: A Health Risk in the United States.; MMM Track.

OC13090 - Brickner, Daniel, Eastern Michigan University; Information asymmetry and the FASBs multi-period adoption policy: the case of SFAS no. 115; AFE Track.

OC13091 - Simmons, Donald, University of Texas at San Antonio; Exploring the Source of Service Management Research; MMM Track.

OC13092 - Xu, Zhixiang, City University of Hong Kong; Return of the Lion: Will China Again Become a Developed Nation?; MMM Track.

OC13093 - Kain, George, Western CT State University; A World Without the Death Penalty: Evolving World Views on Use of the Capital Punishment; CJ Track.

OC13094 - Flynn, Kelly, The University of Tampa; Kodak EasyShare Gallery: The Importance of Strategic Decision Making; EIP Track.

OC13095 - BAILEY, JEFFREY, University of Alaska Anchorage; Attending only; AFE Track.

OC13096 - Aghimien, Peter, Indiana University South Bend; Costs and Benefits of U.S. adoption of IFRS; AFE Track.

OC13097 - Aghimien, Peter, Indiana University South Bend; Efficiency of Gulf Cooperation Council Banks: Empirical evidence using Data Envelopment Analysis; AFE Track.

OC13098 - Houmes, Robert, Jacksonville University; Will There Be Life after LIFO? The Impact of LIFO’s Repeal on the Value of the Firm; AFE Track.

OC13099 - Adams, Michael, Jacksonville University; Modern Portfolio Theory 2.0 - Maximum Diversification; AFE Track.

OC13100 - Vegter, Sam, Western Piedmont Community College; Not Presenting.

OC13101 - Stanton, Francis, (Vic), University of California, Berkeley; Not Presenting.

OC13102 - Sukayni, Wejdan, Texas A&M University Commerce; Not Presenting.

OC13103 - Haytko, Diana, Florida Gulf Coast University; Social media in intercollegiate athletics: changing the game; MMM Track.

OC13104 - LEE, YUNGKIL, Koera Aerospace University; A study of the influence on the operational performance of Incheon International Airport by the implementation of a quality management system; MMM Track.

OC13105 - Almubarak, Hanadi, texas a&m university commerce; Not Presenting.

OC13106 - Ajabnoor, Nouran, Johnson and Wales University; Not Presenting.

OC13107 - Alduraywish, Yaqoub, texas A&M University; Not Presenting.

OC13108 - Asamoah Asiedu, Kwabena, Accra Polytechnic - Ghana; Service delivery and business growth among banks in Ghana using the Service Profit Chain.; MMM Track.

OC13109 - Acheampong, Isaac, Accra Polytechnic - Ghana; Service delivery and business growth among banks in Ghana using the Service Profit Chain.; MMM Track.

OC13110 - Gulati, Angeli, CBA; Not Presenting.

OC13111 - Thornton, Barry, Jacksonville University; Factors affecting school quality in Florida; EIP Track.

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